Video Game ReferencesEdit

Picture Title Publisher Episode(s)
GTA3 Grand Theft Auto III Rockstar Games Pilot
Seth asks Ryan if he wants to play Grand Theft Auto, saying that you got to steal cars. Realizing the error of his ways, he trails off. Considering the timeline, and the fact that Seth has a Playstation 2, it's safe to say that it is Grand Theft Auto III. The game centers on a nameless criminal who was betrayed by his girlfriend in a bank heist, and is required to work his way up the crime ladder of the city, before confronting her and eventually revenging her. Like its predecessors, GTA III implements sandbox-like gameplay, where the player is given the freedom to perform various activities in a large city, such as performing missions, exploring the city, committing criminal acts, or completing odd quests
Dynasty Warriors 4 Dynasty Warriors 4 Koei The Debut, The Outsider, The Countdown, The Rivals
This game is repeatedly referenced as the Ninja game. Ryan and Sandy play this game instead of going to Cotillion. In a reference to the plot, Ryan says "Follow me through the forest and maybe we'll both make it out of here alive". Sandy excitedly tells Ryan that he has "annihilated all the other ninjas." Sandy and Jimmy play the game when hanging out. On New Year's, Hailey makes fun of Seth and Ryan for staying in and playing it instead of going out. Considering the timeline and the gameplay shots, it's safe to say that it is Dynasty Warriors 4. The game follows a third-person beat-em-up format, where the camera is behind the player as they engage the enemy forces. The playable characters in Dynasty Warriors have superhuman abilities and can send enemy soldiers flying through the air with a single swipe from his or her weapon, if not killing them instantly.
Madden 2004 Madden NFL 2004 EA Sports The Third Wheel, The Distance
The favorite game of Luke, he plays this game when hanging out at Oliver's place, and then he convinces Seth to play it when he was staying in Portland. Considering the timeline, and the fact that Seth has a Playstation 2, it's safe to say that it is the 2004 version. The Madden NFL series consistently is one of the top selling video games in North America every year. The game is named after John Madden, a well-known football commentator and formerly a successful Super Bowl-winning professional football coach during the 1970s with the Oakland Raiders.