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[[Category:Season 1]]
[[Category:Season 1]]
[[Category:Season 1 Episodes]]
[[Category:Season 1 Episodes]]
[[de: Neue Freundschaften]]

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Hailey discovers that she isn't welcome into the Cohen household as much as she thought due to her continuing irresponsible and brash lifestyle and personality leading to a fight with Kristen and Sandy over her living arrangements. Meanwhile, Oliver continues to charm Marissa and throws his weight around by inviting her, Ryan, Seth, Summer, Anna and Luke to a rock concert where the band Rooney is playing. There, Luke makes some new friends with the band fans, while Seth and Anna debate on telling Summer about their newfound romantic status. But trouble brews for Ryan when he becomes suspicious on Oliver's well being and catches him in a compromising position involving a suspected drug dealer in the parking lot.


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