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Trouble brews for the gang when Marissa's younger sister, Kaitlin Cooper (whom is even more devious and amoral than Julie), arrives in Newport for a visit from her Montecito boarding school. Julie is finally forced to tell the truth about her living condition to Kaitlin and Marissa. Within a matter of hours, Kaitlin has hit upon Johnny and tries to get him and Marissa together despite knowing that she's still dating Ryan. Soon, some of Kaitlin's problems follow her to Newport involving her drug-dealing boyfriend Justin, and she fibs a lot to Ryan and Marissa about her problems. Meanwhile, Kirsten and Julie decide to start their own dating service, but the evil Veronica Townsend brings more trouble when she blackmails them to get her up on a date with Summer's father. Johnny, frustrated that he will not be able to go on a surfing tour, begins to distance himself from Marissa.


  • "Shuffle Your Feet"
    Performed by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • "Time Bomb"
    Performed by Goldspot
  • "A Boy Brushed Red ... Living In Black And White"
    Performed by Underoath
  • "Sail Into The Sun"
    Performed by The Funky Lowlives
  • "Back To Ours"
    Performed by APM
  • "Sour Milk"
    Performed by Phontaine
  • "Retreat"
    Performed by The Rakes
  • "All My Life"
    Performed by DJ Harry
  • "Winter"
    Performed by Bebel Gilberto