The Rescue is the eighth episode of season one which aired October 29, 2003.


While Marissa is in a hospital in Newport recovering from her near-fatal drug overdose in Mexico, Julie unfairly blames Ryan for her condition and forbids him from seeing Marissa, who does not appreciate the help. Meanwhile, Sandy starts his new job, but finds himself surprised by the case work. Kirsten finds herself surprised by Sandy's new co-worker, the attractive Rachel. Also, Ryan enrolls at his new school, with conditions after his past life in Chino is revealed. Ryan and Sandy then stage an intervention for Julie about her handling of everything in which she lets Marissa stay with Jimmy who moves out and rents a small apartment for himself.


The Cohen family are all sitting in the kitchen in silence. Kirsten tries to get everyone to eat, saying they won't hear from the hospital for a while, so to go get dressed and the phone rings. They arrive at the hospital and Jimmy is with Marissa. He thanks Ryan for finding her and calling the hospital and says she needs to stay at the hospital for another day. Julie arrives and asks why the Cohens are there. Jimmy explains he called them and Julie says Marissa needs to be with just her family, glaring at Ryan. They leave and Sandy tells Ryan to ignore Julie. Julie then calls after them and asks to speak with Ryan. She says that since he's arrived he's caused nothing but problems for Marissa and that it's his fault that she almost died. He says he'd never hurt Marissa and Julie tells him that if he ever comes near her again she'll get him thrown back into prison.

Seth and Ryan arrive at school and Seth shows him around. Rachel shows Sandy around his new workplace and he echoes Ryan's sentiments from earlier. Kirsten and Ryan are waiting to talk to the Dean to get him into the school, but Ryan is really nervous. Sandy tries to wrap him mind around his new job. The Dean dismisses Ryan based on his past, but Kirsten claims that pressure from the other parents is what's keeping him out. Ryan states that he can't change where he's from but that he can decide where he's going and to give him a shot. The Dean states if he passes the entrance tests he can join.