Administrators are The O.C. Wiki users with so-called sysop rights. They are not in any way superior to other users, but are able to perform maintenance and security tasks. Administrators still have the same responsibilities as any other regular user.

Administrator ResponsibilitiesEdit

Administrators at The O.C. Wiki have the following privileges and responsibilities:

  • Protecting pages. Admins can protect pages from further changes in cases of vandalism or content disputes. This should happen only in certain rare circumstances. (See also : Protection policy)
  • Deletion and undeletion. Admins can delete and un-delete pages and images from The O.C. Wiki. This happens more frequently, but it is necessary to restrict permissions to this feature in order to prevent vandalism. (See also : Deletion policy)
  • Block and unblock. In extreme cases, admins can ban users from contributing to The O.C. Wiki, either for a specific amount of time, or indefinitely. (See also : Bans and blocks)
  • MediaWiki namespace. Admins may edit the protected pages in the MediaWiki namespace. These pages are used to define the text of the user interface. (See also : MediaWiki namespace)

Becoming an administratorEdit

Currently, there is not a large enough community for any user to be considered for an administrator position. This may change as the community grows, but for right now there is no need for more administrators. The only users that has an administrator status at the moment is Xtreme680.


Bureaucrats are administrators who have the ability to make other users into administrators. Currently, Xtreme680 has this status. A procedure for creating more bureaucrats will be developed as the users see a need for it.

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