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"The Groundhog Day" is the twelfth episode in the fourth season of the Fox drama series The O.C.. The episode aired on the twenty-fifth of January, in 2007.


Seth and Che get in some trouble with the police when Che drags Seth into helping him try to free a groundhog before Newport's annual Groundhog Day festival. Meanwhile, Kirsten gets some life altering news and Taylor gets some extra help from a therapist to make things different with Ryan.

Guest Starring[]

  • Alison Laplaca as Dr.James
  • Elayn J. Taylor as Dr.Harris
  • Chris Pratt as Winchester "Che" Cook
  • Gary Grubbs as Gordon "The Bullit" Bullit
  • Kevin Sorbo as Frank Atwood


  • "Gronlandic Edit" by of Montreal
  • "Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups
  • "Leave Home" by Chemical Brothers
  • "High Lonesome Moan" by Pajo
  • "And I Was A Boy From School" by Hot Chip
  • "The House We Live In" by The Stills

Memorable Quotes[]

Taylor: Were you just trying to stalk me?

Ryan: Yeah. I guess I need a little bit more practice.

Taylor: That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!


(Boys get into Range Rover)

Ryan: You don't think she knows about the party?

Sandy: What? No! Are you kidding me? Nobody plans a surprise party like Sandy Cohen, I could've been with the CIA.

(Seth pops head between front seats)

Seth: I hear they're known for their birthday parties.


(Bullit shows Kaitlin the ring he bought for her mother)

Kaitlin: Wow, is it the most expensive one?

Bullit: Well, Bullit bought it, of course it is and your momma deserves it.


'Sa'ndy: Is everything ok?

Kirsten: I went to the doctor.

Sandy: Are you sick?

Kirsten: Yes... but only in the mornings.

Sandy: What?

Kirsten: I'm pregnant.

Sandy: Wait, one more time.

Kirsten: Sandy, we're having a baby.

Sandy: We're having a baby?!

Kirsten: Everything's going to change.

Sandy: You're not kiddin'. (they share a meaningful look) I love you.

Kirsten: Well, that's good because there's gonna be a lot more of me to love.


'Se'th: I was going to run and pick up Summer, so...

Ryan: Oh, could you give me a ride, because I gotta...

(Seth cuts him off)

Seth: Go tell Taylor that you love her and can't live without her?

Ryan: Yea, something like that.


(After Seth and Ryan find out that Kirsten is pregnant.)

Seth: Oh my God.

Ryan: Oh my God.

Sandy: That's what I said!

Kirsten: I know this isn't what everybody expected.

Sandy: That's family. There's nothing more important than that. I mean, you're pregnant!

Seth: That's so weird!

Ryan: Yea, well, congratulations.

Seth: Yea, it's great. (Kirsten, Ryan, and Seth share a hug.) Especially since it makes me getting arrested seem trivial now.

Kirsten: You got what!

Seth: (Sarcastically) Thanks for preppin' her dad.

Sandy: Oh that. We'll deal with that later. But right now, we've got some guests inside.