Ryan has a New Years Eve surprise for semi-girl-friend Taylor, a trip to Las Vegas, while she went for sexy lingerie. Spoiled, moody Summer rages at 'immature' Seth for having made no particular festive plans; after encouragement from dad, who has urgent court business himself, his plan B is to beg eternal last resort Ryan to take them along, promising to pay for the best room Cohen money can buy. During the trip, Taylor begins to wonder whether Summer may be pregnant from her recent trysts with Seth, while he discovers the home pregnancy test in Taylor's purse and jumps to the wrong conclusion, while panicking Taylor pretends to Ryan she's the mother-to-be. Things take another turn for the worse when Summer's purse is stolen and the four of them end up at a rave populated by people dressed up as aliens to search for the purse snatcher. Back in Newport, Gordon Bullitt invites reluctant Julie to his New Years Eve Blast Off party, while a mysterious man there, who calls himself Frank, may cause some trouble with Julie over her and Kirsten's dating service New Match, the illegal 'escort' branch of which she agreed with her partner, Gordon's studly son Spencer, to shut down but only after making $40,000 from the festive clientèle. Meanwhile, bored Kaitlyn Cooper ponders her well being.



  • "Warung Beach" by John Digweed
  • "Smile Like You Mean It" by Tally Hall
  • "Desafinado" by Si Zentner
  • "Dogzilla" by Dogzilla
  • "Something for Cat" by Henry Mancini