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"The Countdown" is the fourteenth episode in the first season of the Fox drama series The O.C.. The episode aired on the seventeenth of December, in 2003.


It's the last day of 2003, and Marissa and Ryan end up at his place after going to see a Russell Crowe movie. They banter about him, and talk about what they want to do during New Years Eve, when Marissa tells Ryan she loves him. This creates an awkward moment between the two of them, and Marissa leaves. Ryan goes back to the pool house, to find Kirsten's sister, Haley inside, half dressed. She tells Ryan that Kirsten doesn't know that she's there, and makes him take the living room couch.

The next morning, Seth finds Ryan sleeping on the couch, and he finds out that Haley's there. He goes and tells his parents, and Ryan confirms it. They confront Haley, who says that she'll be staying with them for a bit. As Kirsten gets the guest room set up for her, Haley reveals to Seth that Marissa said I love you to Ryan, and that he didn't say it back.

Marissa ends up talking to Oliver again as she's leaving the therapist, and Oliver invites her to a party. Marissa says yes and leaves. Meanwhile, Haley's trying to find something to wear to a New Years Eve party, and Kirsten asks her about where she's been the past two years.


Episode Quotes[]

"I've got two guesses. Either she's run out of money, or, she's run out of money." -Sandy

"A three letter word for hilarious- dad." -Seth

"Marissa....isn't that the short chick next door?" "No, puberty happened. She's a Laker now." -Haley and Seth


Starting with this episode, the opening credits have been changed with new clips of the cast and now include Melinda Clarke (Julie) and Rachel Bilson (Summer), as well as a slightly different version of the theme song.


Hayley locked Ryan and Seth in the poolhouse by only locking one door, however as seen in other episodes the poolhouse's walls are made up of nothing but doors and many characters have gone through many different doors throughout the series.  It is highly unlikely that all of the other poolhouse doors were locked as well.