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"The Chrismukk-huh?" is the seventh episode in the fourth season of the Fox drama series The O.C.. The episode aired on the fourteenth of December, in 2006.


When Ryan and Taylor have an argument over where they stand with their whatever relationship they have, they both fall off a ladder while Ryan is putting up Christmas lights and both wake up in a alternate reality of what life is like had Ryan never came to Newport: 

  • Sandy is the uptight mayor of Newport Beach and married to Julie Cooper 
  • Kirsten is married to Jimmy Cooper 
  • Johnny Harper is alive and a star on the Pac West surf tour  
  • Seth is still a socially awkward geek 
  • Summer is a mindless, narcissistic party animal, engaged to Chester "Che" Winchester, who is having a fling with the sex-addict Julie. Summer is also best friends with Holly Fischer.  
  • Ryan learns from Kaitlin that Marissa in fact died from a drug overdose three years prior during the road trip to Tijuana, and Ryan was not there to save her.  

Back in the real world, Seth tries to arrange his annual Chrismukkah party and then tries to move it to the hospital where the comatose Ryan and Taylor are. Also, Julie and Katilin are planning to go to Riverside to visit Julie's parents, but get detoured when they try to stop the callous Veronica Townsend from leaving town for the holidays. 


In the beginning of the episode, Taylor refuses Julie and Kaitilin's invitation to have Christmas with them in Julie's hometown, Riverside. She explains that she expects Ryan to invite her to have dinner at his house, since they have been dating. Hoping to finally get this invitation, Taylor brings Ryan his Christmas present, which is a George Foreman Grill ("because he likes lean meat, obviously" -Taylor). She finds Ryan hanging lights on the Cohen's roof. Ryan doesn't invite her or seem excited about his gift. They start to argue about the status of their relationship. Taylor seems to want to move things to the next level while Ryan wants to take it slow. During their argument, Taylor climbs up the ladder to the roof, causing them both to fall and get knocked out. When they come to, the previously cloudy sky has turned sunny and blue. Taylor leaves, still angry about their argument. Ryan goes to the pool house and finds that where his room was a few minutes ago, there is now an home gym. Kirsten comes in and doesn't know him. It becomes clear that Ryan has been transported to an alternate world where he either doesn't exist or never moved to Newport. A different, more eerie and slow version of the theme song begins.


  • "California" by Phantom Planet
  • "Paranoid Android" by Sia
  • "Into Dust" by Ashtar Command