In the episode The Secret, Dawson's Creek and Everwood were referenced, but the names were twisted in order to make fun of Luke's father's being gay. Star Trek, the vulcan nerve pinch in The Heartbreak

Batman: The animated series in The Truth, specifically Supergirl and Batgirl.

Golden Girls in The L.A. and The Third Wheel, Hailey watched it as a young girl, Ana and Summer are huge fans, and Grady Bridges bought the rights to it, and plans to make it into a new movie with young actresses.

Silver Spoons in The Third Wheel, Jimmy wrongly remembers Hailey watching it.

21 jump street, The O.C. Confidential, the sting operation is compared to the sting operations of the show, and seth says he wants to be richard greco.

saved by the bell, the o.sea, seth says he has seen too many episodes, and it has taught him prom is a seminal moment and should be shared.

jag and spongebob squarepants, seth is staring at the statis and says it could be either of these shows. THE ESCAPE

Best Week Ever was also referenced