Sophie Cohen (also called "The Nana") was a minor character in "The O.C." . She is portrayed by Linda Lavin.

Sophie, is the mother of Sandy and his siblings, whose names are unknown. Sophie is also the paternal grandmother of Seth and Sophie Rose, and the adoptive one of Ryan Atwood.

Story of the characterEdit

Season 1 : The arrival in Newport and the discovery of his illness by the family Edit

During a Passover Seder visit, the family's negative views about her change as she informs them that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She does not want chemotherapy, but the family persuades her to seek treatment. She then leaves in New York.

Season 2 : The problems with Sandy and their subsequent reconciliation Edit

Sophie now lives in South Florida and wants to introduce her new fiancé : Bobby, to her family during the visit from Sandy, Seth and Ryan. Concerned about her mother's well-being, Sandy is suspicious of her mother's new love, and is able to find out later that her suspicions are not entirely unfounded. At the end, Sandy manages to chase the man, who apparently tried to profit from Sophie's savings. Although Sophie does not agree with her son's actions or why she did them, the two eventually reconcile before the end of the visit.



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