Seth Ezekiel Cohen is a half Jewish teenager who lives in Newport Beach in Orange County. Seth is the son of Sandy Cohen and Kirsten Cohen. He was befriended at the start of the series by Ryan Atwood, who later moved in with them.

Seth is a big fan of comic books, indie music, anime, and science fiction, particularly Star Wars. The "Seth Cohen Starter Pack", which contains The Goonies DVD, a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and albums by Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, and The Shins.2 He likens his friendship with Ryan to Kavalier and Clay.3 He's also a big geek for comic books, citing Brian Michael Bendis as one of the greatest comic book writers of all time.4

Summer Roberts was a girl Seth had held affection for a long time before they dated, although Summer only realized she loved him more recently. Their relationship has had its high and low points, most obviously when Seth abandoned Summer at the end of Season one when he sailed away on The Summer Breeze (a boat named after Summer), and that they lost their virginities to each other. The two also having matching toy horses, named Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle.

Season 1

Anna Stern was Seth's first girlfriend, whom he met during a debutante ball. They started dating after Seth deciding in her favor during a contest for his affection between her and Summer Roberts. Unfortunately their relationship was short lived as they broke up when Seth made it obvious that he truly wanted Summer instead and had made the wrong choice. He and Summer lost their virginities together without knowing it. Summer came into Seth's room on Valentines day to say that she was a virgin too. The following episode is where Seth made his proclamation of love to Summer on top of the coffee cart in the school lounge.

Seth and Summer's relationship is tested,when Summer,Seth and her father have lunch together.With Seth trying to impress him he goes overboard and cannot stop talking.Much to Seth's dismay,Summer's father does not like him,leaving Summer confused about her decision,since she thinks her father is always right,but really likes make things more confusing,Sandy,Jimmy,Caleb,Seth and Ryan take a trip to Las Vegas,and while Seth is there he kisses another girl,while talking to Summer on the phone,she then overhears and hangs up on Seth.Later on,Summer shows up in Las Vegas to see what is going on an arrives as Seth is kissing a girl.But later on she forgives him and they go out in the city along with Ryan.

At the end of the first season Seth, apparently feeling depressed after Ryan Atwood decides to return to Chino, left Newport Beach on a sailboat. In the second season premiere, it was revealed that after sailing to Santa Barbara, he apparently ran out of Twinkies, freaked out, sold his catamaran, and took a Greyhound to Luke's house in Portland where he stayed during the summer until Ryan convinced him to come home to Newport.

Season 2

Seth begins the season in Portland, Oregon, living with Luke and his father, Carson, after sailing away from Newport Beach once Ryan returned to Chino to live with Theresa. Kirsten calls repeatedly in an attempt to coax Seth to come back, but fails. Sandy travels to Portland and also fails; finally, it is left to Ryan to convince Seth to return home. Seth's decision is made easier when Theresa tells Ryan she miscarried and convinces him to move back to Newport.

Seth is despondent when he finds out Summer has moved on from him and is now dating Zach Stevens, the son of a congressman and a water polo player. His despair deepens when he catches Summer and Zach laughing at a lunch with Neil Roberts, after Seth failed miserably in his attempt to impress Summer's father.

Alex Kelly worked in a club in Newport Beach, emancipated from her parents and rented her own flat. She portrayed a tough image, which made Seth believe she was out of his league. In an attempt to appeal to that toughness, Seth wears one of Ryan's tank tops and goes for a joyride in his grandfather's Aston-Martin. Alex, however, found Seth's innocence appealing and the pair started dating shortly after he got a job working in the same club as her. The relationship was short lived however. Alex, who was bisexual, dumped Seth for Marissa Cooper.

When Seth, Summer and Zach go to San Diego to pitch Atomic County, he is forced to stay by himself in an adjoining hotel room, while Summer and Zach share a bed in another room. He stays up all night and subsequently ruins the pitch by introducing new elements which were not part of the original pitch, including a love affair between The Ironist (Seth) and Little Miss Vixen (Summer). Seth takes the bus back to Newport, figuring he has blown it forever with Summer. Summer dumps Zach as they are about to fly to Italy, and she takes a cab to the Cohen house, where she kisses Seth in the rain.

Seth and Zach literally fight over Summer at the launch party for Atomic County. When the prom and a meeting with George Lucas are scheduled for the same night, Seth and Zach flip a coin to determine who will take Summer to prom and who will meet with Lucas. Zach wins the date to the prom and Seth meets Lucas, but the boys determine they should be where the other is. Seth arrives at the prom just in time to see Summer crowned Prom Queen. He gets on stage and reaffirms his love for Summer with a long kiss.

Season 3

Season 3 began as the core four were still dealing with the aftermath of the Trey Atwood shooting, after which Marissa and Ryan were forced to leave Harbor School. Taylor Townsend develops a crush on Seth but realizes that he truly loves Summer and decides to be their friend instead. Seth had trouble getting into Brown, which led him to lie to everyone but Ryan and Anna Stern. Anna and Seth meet by chance at Brown and she eventually helps him get accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design so he can stay with Summer. On the night of his father's 'Man Of The Year' award dinner Seth goes to the Newport Group's office to pick up his dad's designs for the hospital. While there he smokes a joint and forgets to put it out. It falls into a trashcan and eventually burns down the building. The company does not press charges.

Season 4

Seth begins season four in a deep funk after Marissa's death when Ryan moves out of the Cohen house, Summer goes to Rhode Island to begin college at Brown, and Taylor moves to France to study at Sorbonne. He continuously leaves messages on Summer's answering machine in her dorm room, complaining about Ryan's absence.

Seth visits Ryan at the bar and watches him get badly beaten in a cage fight. Summer flies back to California and with the help of Seth and his comic book store co-workers, he creates a cartoon dedicated to Ryan, showing him how much better he made the lives of Seth, Sandy, Kirsten and Summer since he arrived from Chino.

Ryan returns home and immediately plans to leave for Mexico to find Volchok. Seth tries to stop him, but eventually goes along for the ride. At a gas station in Encenada, Seth attempts to call Sandy, but is caught by Ryan, who throws the phone away. Seth goes into a bar and gets caught up in a drinking game with a group of Marines and ends up with a tattoo.

At another bar, Seth explains to a lady how Volchok killed Marissa, and Seth acquires Volchok's address and tells him Ryan is after him. Volchok escapes, and the boys are eventually found by Sandy and Kirsten. Ryan considers Seth calling home a betrayal, and the two refuse to speak to each other.

Seth and Ryan eventually make up and Ryan even moves back to the Cohen household. During the earthquake when Ryan was hurt and bleeding, he called Seth as he did not want Taylor to worry, Seth looked after Ryan and got him help. Despite his fear of blood and needles, Seth donates blood to Ryan and tells him how they truly are blood brothers now.

In the series finale, Seth finally marries Summer Roberts. Ryan is his best man.


Ryan Atwood

His best friend; adoptive brother.

Summer and Seth

Summer Roberts

His girlfriend and they get married at the end of the show.

Marissa Cooper

His Friend and neighbor when her parents were together.

Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa

Anna Stern

His friend, and ex-girlfriend.

Alex Kelly


Zach Stevens

Friend.They created a comic book together titled Atomic Country

Luke Ward

He bullies Seth constantly.However, later they become good friends.

Sandy Cohen


Kirsten Cohen


Sophie Rose Cohen

Younger sister

Sophie Cohen


Caleb Nichol


Hailey Nichol


Lindsay Gardner

Half - aunt

Neil Roberts


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Season 3

Season 4

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