The following are the details of the relationships that Seth Cohen has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Seth Cohen

Seth & Summer
Start Up: The Heartbreak
Marriage: The End's Not Near, It's Here

Relationship: Husband/Wife
Details: Seth always had a crush on Summer but she just thought he was a geek and didn't think anything about a relationship. When Ryan came to Newport, Marissa started dating Ryan and Summer started to develop a crush on Seth but he's dating Anna Stern and Summer becomes Jealous. After a while Seth decides he really loves Summer and decides to end his relationship with Anna to pursue a relationship with Summer and they both lose their virginity to each other. Summer and Seth broke up quite a few times for numerous reasons including Seth running away and Summer moving on and starting a relationship with Zach, Summer thinking Seth was seeing Anna again when really she was just trying to help him get into college to be near Summer, in the end they get back together and end up married in the flash-forward episode and last in show The End's Not Near, It's Here.

Anna Stern

Seth & Anna
Start Up: Season 1
Ended: Season 1

Relationship: Exes/Best Friends
Details: They tried to have a serious relationship, but Seth was in love with Summer Roberts.
Seth and Anna

Alex Kelly

Seth & Alex
Start Up:

Relationship: Exes (kind of)/Friends
Details: Seth and Alex relationship never really started, plus she began to have feelings for Marissa Cooper.
Seth and Alex

Lindsay Gardner

Seth & Lindsay
Start Up:

Relationship: Nephew/Half-Aunt (estranged)
Details: They had one date, without being aware that they were related.

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