The headquarters of the Newport Group, the powerful real estate & development company owned by tycoon Caleb Nichol.

Kirsten Cohen (his daughter) had her offices there when she worked for her father. It is a striking building, with a unique tilt.

former CEO's -Caleb Nichol,Julie Cooper-Nichol,Kirsten Cohen,Sandy Cohen

former CFO-Kirsten Cohen

former vice president-Matt Ramsey

In Season 2, we see the building in three O.C. episodes: Episode 17, "The Brothers Grim", Episode 19, "The Rager" & Episode 22, "The Showdown".

Each time, we are shown similar shots of the exterior of the actual building, before cutting to interior office shots.

The Newport Group's headquarters were destroyed in Season 3, Episode 24, "The Man of the Year" when Seth accidentally knocked a burning marijuana cigarette into a wastebasket, sparking a massive fire. Seth is taken into custody by the police at the end of the episode, but the fire is ruled accidental and he is cleared of all charges in the season 3 finale, "The Graduates".

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