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Kirsten Cohen (née Nichol) is the eldest daughter of real estate developer Caleb Nichol and the older sister of Hailey Nichol and older half-sister of Lindsay Gardner. She married husband Sandy Cohen sometime during her rebellious twenties (she states that when they fell in love, she "lived in a mail truck and stank of patchouli"). Since marrying Sandy and giving birth to their son Seth, Kirsten joined her father at the Newport Group, becoming somewhat of a workaholic. Unlike her husband, Kirsten is conservative.

Character arc


Kirsten dated Jimmy Cooper during high school but broke up with him when she was admitted to Berkeley University - at least, that was her excuse for the break-up. The truth was that she was pregnant but didn't have the child.

Season one

During the first season, Kirsten has to deal with suddenly having another child: Ryan Atwood. She also plays a large role in her father's business. She is very successful, and on numerous occasions this causes Sandy to feel a little insecure.

Season two

The problems began for her during the second season when she fears that her husband is "cheating" on her with an old girlfriend, Rebecca Bloom. Sandy and Kirsten's marriage begins to deteriorate, and she turns to alcohol to compensate. Her alcoholism is fueled by working closely with Carter Buckley, whom she has a crush on. While Sandy is away with the boys in Miami, she invites Carter over and they share a passionate kiss before he decides to leave town. After Carter leaves, Kirsten's drinking problem becomes worse. She drives drunk and gets into a severe car accident, which leaves her undamaged. When her father, Caleb, tries to talk to her about her drinking issue, Kirsten says extremely rude things. This is the last time she sees her father. At his funeral, Kirsten makes a scene by drinking far too much and screaming at Sandy in the middle of the reception. After an intervention from her family and friends, she goes to rehab.


Season three

There, she meets Charlotte Morgan, a con artist who claims to be interested in her but in reality is only after her for money. She returns home to Newport and creates a high-class dating service with Julie Cooper.


Season four

Kirsten continues working at New Match. Later in the season, on her 40th birthday, she finds out that she's pregnant. This reminds her of the time when she dated Jimmy Cooper. During the big earthquake, she's hurt, but her unborn daughter, who is born in the finale and named Sophie Rose Cohen, isn't harmed.

Memorable quotes

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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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