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Kevin Volchok was a recurring and antagonistic character in "The O.C.". He was portrayed by Cam Gigandet.

Before Season 3[]

Kevin was introduced in the third season as a rival to Johnny Harper and eventually, an antagonist to Ryan Atwood. After Johnny's death, he showed a softer side and began a relationship with Marissa Cooper. They broke up because he cheated on her, which Volchok regretted. He later accidentally caused Marissa's death when he rammed his car into the one she was riding with Ryan. He later accepted fault for her death, and explaining that he was angry because he felt Marissa had chosen Ryan over him.

Season 3[]

Volchok was Johnny Harper's top rival for a surfing sponsorship though they used to be close friends. Later on, Johnny catches his girlfriend, Casey, cheating on him with Volchok who justifies it with, “You got my sponsorship, I got your girl.” Johnny decides to confront Volchok at the beach, but before a fight ensues, Ryan Atwood intervenes by punching Volchok square in the face.

Volchok persistently tries to pursue a rematch with Ryan, including confronting him at the diner, keying “Lil’ Bitch” into the Cohens' Range Rover in the parking lot at The Harbor School, taking money from Marissa Cooper and finally kidnapping her. In exchange for releasing Marissa, he demands a fight with Ryan. Ryan agrees to meet Volchok at the pier but instead of fighting, he breaks a glass bottle and warns Volchok that he better be prepared to die or kill him. Volchok is intimidated and leaves.

After Johnny dies, he is revealed to have taken Johnny’s death hard. Marissa, also grieving Johnny's death, empathizes with him and the need for closure. The two begin a friendship, which continues after Marissa breaks up with Ryan.

In the meantime, while Ryan pursues a relationship with Sadie Campbell, Johnny’s cousin. She previously had a relationship with Volchok, which deepens the rivalry between him and Ryan. The rivalry also becomes more intense when Volchok begins a casual sexual relationship with Marissa, who has become distant from her friends and family in the wake of Johnny's death.

Although Volchok is primarily interested in annoying Ryan, he and Marissa occasionally have romantic moments, such as him agreeing to watch The Sound of Music, one of Marissa's favorite movies, and Marissa inviting him to her senior prom. He accepts, admitting that he didn't even progress far enough into high school to enjoy his own senior prom.

At the prom, Volchok eyes Taylor Townsend putting the $5,000 for the prom after-party in her purse. Ryan almost catches Volchok stealing the money and warns Volchok that if he ruins prom for Marissa, Ryan will beat him up. Nevertheless, Volchok steals the money when it is unattended. When a prom attendee flirts with him, the two sneak off to make out in a corner of the school. Ryan sees them and attempts to direct Marissa away from Volchok, but she catches him cheating on her. She slaps him and cries that she was foolish for ever thinking he had redeeming qualities.

At the after party, Taylor realizes the money is missing and Ryan immediately suspects Volchok. He excuses himself from the party to confront Volchok at his apartment. Volchok attempts to bait Ryan into a fight and finally succeeds when he claims that he could have Marissa in bed with him within a week. Volchok initially has the upper hand but Ryan gets a second wind and nearly beats Volchok to death. He takes Volchok to the hospital, where the EMTs assume Ryan assume is a Good Samaritan who found the injured Volchok. Instead of turning Ryan in, Volchok claims he was jumped and didn't see his assailants.

Ryan feels guilty for putting Volchok in the hospital and comes by to check in on him. Volchok blackmails Ryan into helping participate a robbery, threatening to file assault charges against him and ruining Ryan's graduating. Volchok leads Ryan to a Newport house to steal an expensive car but a police car arrives. Ryan runs away while Volchok hotwires the car and escapes in it. However, the police continue to search for Volchok and Volchok demands Ryan help him escape Newport. He also demands Ryan help him get Marissa to talk to him, but she refuses.

Upon Marissa's last refusal to speak with him, Volchok becomes upset and gets drunk. He follows Ryan as he drives Marissa to the airport. He rams his car repeatedly into Ryan's, in attempt to convince them to pull over. Despite his fellow passenger Heather telling him to stop, Volchok continues ramming into them, eventually pushing Ryan's car off the road and into a ditch. Marissa then dies of her injuries from the crash in the arms of Ryan.

Season 4[]

After the accident, Volchok runs away to Mexico to avoid being charged with Marissa's death. Julie Cooper and Ryan become obsessed with tracking him down and bringing him to justice. Julie hires a private investigator to find Volchok and she gives the address of Volchok's last known address to Ryan.

Ryan goes to Mexico to find Volchok, despite the pleas from the Cohen family. Seth Cohen manages to find Volchok first and tells him to turn himself in to the police instead of running away from the vengeful Ryan. Volchok reluctantly agrees and turns himself in to the Newport police. Meanwhile, Seth gives Ryan the wrong address, tells Kirsten and Sandy where Ryan will be, and the two convince Ryan to abandon his desire for revenge and return to Newport.

Sandy puts Volchok in a local motel as he awaits the district attorney to file charges and agrees to be his public defender. Ryan is angry that Sandy is helping Volchok and goes around Newport to try to figure out which motel Volchok is at. He finds Heather, who apologizes for Marissa's death but says she has no control over Volchok and doesn't know where he is.

Ryan eventually tracks down Volchok at his motel room and physically beats him. As Ryan holds a broken bottle over a defeated Volchok, Volchok tells Ryan he doesn't care what happens to him; he just wants it all to be over. He tells Ryan it was an accident, and that he loved Marissa and he was trying to hurt Ryan. He then tells Ryan he was jealous and he didn't want to accept that Marissa chose Ryan over him. After they are done talking, Volchok walks outside of his motel room where police are waiting with Sandy and assistant district attorney Greg Hoades.

With Volchok in custody, Ryan and Julie finally begin to move on from Marissa's death. His trial and sentencing are not seen onscreen.

Memorable Quotes[]

"You get my surfing sponsorship, I get your girl. Seems fair enough to me!"


The character was named this way, "in honor" of actor Adam Brody's agent.



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