Josh Schwartz is the creator and executive producer of The O.C.. At the age of 26, Schwartz became the youngest person in network history to create a network series and run the day-to-day production. Schwartz was nominated for a 2004 Writers Guild of America Award, with the show being nominated for a People's Choice Award, as well as being named "Guilty Pleasure of the Year" by VH1.

Schwartz is passionate about music and has made the selection of artists featured on The O.C. one of his main areas of focus. In January 2004, the band Rooney performed on the show, catapulting sales of their most recent CD 200 percent in the following week. Schwartz has given several other cutting-edge bands a big push by featuring music from Death Cab for Cutie, Black Eyed Peas, Bright Eyes, Jet, Spoon, and Finley Quaye; each enjoyed a significant increase in radio airplay following their appearance on The O.C.


Schwartz's career as a screenwriter was launched when he was a junior at the University of Southern California and sold his first screenplay to Columbia Pictures. The script garnered him many fans around town and quickly opened doors in television and film. His 2000 pilot Brookfield was produced for ABC, and the pilot Wall to Wall Records followed in 2001 for Warner Bros. His next sale put The O.C. on the air.

The son of toy inventors, Schwartz was raised in Providence, Rhode Island, with his younger brother and sister. Schwartz attended the private coeducational Wheeler School. He currently resides in Los Angeles, and is an active member in both the Writers and Producers Guilds.

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