Henri-Michel de Maumarot a French author. Henri-Michel is Taylor Townsend's ex-husband who comes to Newport to support his new book. He tries to rekindle a relationship with Taylor but is left for Ryan Atwood.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

While in France, Taylor marries a Frenchman named Henri-Michel de Maumarot. However, she soon realizes that she does not want to be married, and consequently flees back to Newport; where she hides from her mother, knowing she will never understand or sympathize for her daughter's situation.

When Taylor tries to divorce Henri-Michel, she asls Ryan for help. Ryan then kisses Taylor in an attempt to prove Taylor had not been faithful in her marriage to Henri-Michel, which in turn finalizes the divorce.

Later, Henri-Michel comes to unexpectedly shows up in Newport, having written an erotic novel about his and Taylor's time together. Taylor is worried Ryan will think less of her because of the novel, but Ryan becomes more concerned when he finds Taylor and Henri-Michel have more in common and share an interest in French literature and philisophy. It appears Taylor develops brief feelings for Henri-Michel, however she ends up choosing Ryan, which results in Henri-Michel leaving town, thus ending his run on The O.C.

When Taylor choose Ryan, Henri-Michele leaves town.

Played by Henri Lubatti.

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Season 4[edit | edit source]


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