Dr. Kim was a minor character in "The O.C.". She was portrayed by Rosalind Chao.

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Dr. Kim is the Dean of the Harbor High School. She gives Ryan Atwood a chance to enter Harbor if he passes an admission exam, which he does, although he leaves halfway through the exam when Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts barge into the room and beg Ryan to come with them to help Marissa Cooper, who is recovering from her drug overdose in Tijuana. She persuades Marissa to continue her role as social chair despite Marissa's tarnished reputation after overdosing on painkillers. She later returns to have a meeting with Kirsten, Sandy and Ryan, after the boy broke into the school file room at night to read Oliver Trask's file. In 2005, she was confronted by Marissa's mother Julie and by Sandy Cohen, claiming that she does not have the power to decide to expel Marissa and Ryan, after the gunshot incident, deferring to the new Dean of Discipline, Jack Hess. However, she assists in re-admitting Marissa into Harbor by revealing a precedent in 1996, in which a similar incident to Trey's shooting had occurred with a formerly suspended student. At Harbor's 2006 graduation, Summer Roberts spontaneously leaps into her arms. Though never confirmed, it is possible she was replaced by Dean Torres in Season 4.

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