Cover DVD # of Discs Released Season
Ocseason1 Season 1 DVD 7 October 26, 2004 Season 1
When Ryan, a tough, guarded, fiercely intelligent teenager from the wrong side of town, plunges headlong into the wealthy, privileged community of The Orange County, he soon discovers that the ruling families of the OC are every bit as territorial as the gangs he used to run with...
OcSeason2 Season 2 DVD 7 August 23, 2005 Season 2
There's trouble (and plenty of fun) in paradise, in this Season 2 collection of the smash-hit series set in Orange County's, posh, Newport Beach.

Hook up with what's coming down as the core-four romances of Ryan-and-Marissa and Seth-and-Summer may (or may not) go from very over, to very on; Sandy and Kirsten face choices that could trainwreck their 20-year marriage; felon, (and Ryan's brother) Trey gives Newport living a try; Julie's lurid past comes back to haunt her; and other new hunks and hotties become part of the coastal scene.