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Chloe, was a minor character in "The O.C.". She is portrayed by Nicole Garza.

Story of the Character[]

Chloe, was introduced in the episode : The Dawn Patrol, she's a co-worker of Dawn in Albuquerque. She and Ryan met when Ryan had gone to see his mother, to invite her, to his graduation ceremony. After discovering that his mother was dating a man, named : Ronnie, and that Dawn wanted the two to know each other and eventually bring him to the ceremony, Ryan thinking that Ronnie was like the last boyfriend his mother had, the one who beat him and his brother, even when they were children, Ryan decided to withdraw the proposal to invite his mother, but Chloe, spoke with Ryan, telling him, that Ronnie is a good man, and that he and Dawn, they give strength to each other, trying to overcome their alcohol problem. Thanks to Chloe's words, Ryan then decides to invite Dawn to the ceremony. Before he returns to O.C. , she and Ryan, have sex.


Season 3