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Atomic County was the comic book developed by Zach Stevens and Seth Cohen.

During the meeting with the comic book executives Seth had a mental breakdown causing them to lose their chance of creating the real comic book. However when Carter Buckley sees Seth's drawings later in the season he sets up another appointment for the boys to meet with a graphic novel executive, Reed Carlson. The meeting goes very well and the boys sign a contract to create a graphic novel based on Seth's drawings. 


Atomic County is a spin-off, animated television series and a graphic novel based on Seth Cohen's drawings created by Eric Wight and John Stephens (based on the characters created by Josh Schwartz).The theme Song of the animated series iseries isInvincible by OK Go. The Ironist, Little Miss Vixen, Kid Chino and Cosmo Girl (in the animated series the name was changed to Cosmolass) are based on The O.C. characters Seth Cohen, Summer Roberts, Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper.

The characters featured in the animated series and in the graphic novel also appeared as drawings in the 10th episode of the second season

Atomic County Animated Series[]

Episodes :[]

  • Episode 1: The Sympathetic Monster
  • Episode 2: The Crime of Fashion
  • Episode 3: The One Too Many
  • Episode 4: The Chick Fight
  • Episode 5: The Pestering
  • Episode 6: The Sibling Rivalry
  • Episode 7: The Web of Deception
  • Episode 8: The Axe to Grind
  • Episode 9: The Mentalist
  • Episode 10: The Abs of Desire
  • Episode 11: The Ringmaster
  • Episode 12: The Kosher Kahuna
  • Episode 13: The Anguish
  • Episode 14: The Coalition of Doom

List of Characters[]

The Core Four :[]

Atomic County Allies:[]

The Coalition of Doom (Villains team):[]